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  • Aqua One AquaStyle 850 Fish Tank / Aquarium

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    Are you looking for a decent large fish tank in the Sydney region? We have carrying the Aquastyle range of Aquariums for well over a decade in our well-established pet and produce shop in Blacktown Sydney.

    The Aqua One provide solid value for money, and are backed up with reliable customer service.


    The Aquastyle 850 Aquarium will light up your home. 

    This larger size fish tank is perfect for the more experienced fish keeper who is looking for a bigger visual display.  The fish tank capacity is 165 liters (165L), a great size to showcase a whole array of fish.  It comes with a full set of  LED lights and a large three-stage top filter which provides excellent water quality.


    Your tank dimensions are: 84cm(L) x 44cm(W) x 58cm(H)

    • Good value large glass fish aquarium for serious fish keepers
    • Modern look curved glass tank with bowed front and curved corners
    • Robust hinged lid for easy feeding, filter cleaning and tank access
    • Perfect for tropical, cold-water and marine fish
    • LED multi colour lighting to stimulate plant growth and a healthy environment for your fish
    • Unique blue only moonlight function on your LED’s
    • Large three stage biological, chemical and mechanical efficient top 1000 liter per hour filter
    • Matching modern gloss black cabinet sold separately for only $219



    Blacktown Pet & Produce fish tank sales Sydney

    We stock a wide range of quality and value for money fully equipped fish tanks from our aquarium shop in Sydney. The Aquastyle 850 is one of our more popular larger fish tanks and for good reason. Come into our store and find aquariums , fish tank ornaments and accessories found nowhere else in Sydney, as well as a solid range of goldfish and tropical fish from our 200 tanks. Our fish are super healthy, and we don’t overstock.


    Blacktown Pet & Produce has been in business 72 years.  We are experienced. We offer solid advice to any customer visiting our shop, a produce and aquarium store located in western Sydney, which is open seven days a week.



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