Aqua One Arc 46 Litre Nano Aquarium Fish Tank

Aqua One Arc 46 Litre Nano Aquarium Fish Tank

The Aqua One Arc 46 Aquarium would make the perfect desktop or bedside home for a Betta fish or small school of nano fish and shrimps. Its brilliant LED lamp and curved front pane will amplify the visual display. Filtration is discretely hidden behind a black partition at the back of the tank and can be easily accessed from the top. Low flow rate minimises turbulence in this small aquarium whilst providing adequate agitation and filtration of the water.


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  • Colour: BLACK
  • Capacity: 46 Litres
  • Dimensions: 40 (L) X 34.5 (D) 
  • Filtration Type: Internal
  • Filter Flow Rate: 100 L/Hr
  • Filter Power Consumption: 12.5 Watts (W)
  • Lighting (LED) Consumption: 10W
  • Total Power Consumption: 22.5W
  • Moonlight/Nightlight Feature w/ Dimmer


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